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                  Disclaimer: Exchange valuation mentioned for customer vehicles here in this website is purely indicative for illustration purpose and not binding on Retailer. It is assumed that the car being offered by the customer, as exchange (pre-owned car) whose value may be considered for set off against the value of new car purchase is in good condition, fully operational, non-accidental, serviced as per manufacturer's schedule with documented service history. The vehicle being offered should also have appropriate transferable documentation, all taxes paid along with minimum residual insurance of 3 months. Retailership will do a complete physical evaluation of vehicle offered for exchange, will verify ownership details, any outstanding finance loan on the offered car etc. The final residual / exchange price will be at the sole discretion of JLRIL retailers based on such physical evaluation of the vehicle and verification of above conditions and documents. The pricing engine does not take into account any discount(s) provided or that may be provided by a dealer during the time of sale.